Tuesday, 6 March 2018


 With the unexpected time being stuck indoors whilst we had snow I decided to have a "play" with my paints.

I decided to have a go at abstracts.  I had been looking online at my talented cousin (https://aoh.org.uk/house/axios-tattoo/ paintings online and thought I would try.

Well, I have NEVER tried abstract before and boy it is hard-building up layers, waiting for it to dry (yep, used my heat gun-I have NO patience).

I painted a canvass with black gesso then used a rolled and spatula to add colours

I used three different colours and added some blocks of white to add interest.

 I then created a tints of the colours, mixing them on my old Girl Guide camping metal plate!!

Until finally I was reasonably pleased with the result.  
Not sure I like it, it is different and not my usual style but I certainly enjoyed spending the day painting and so I have decided to hang it on the wall at the top of our stairs-not sure it will stay there for long, but it is growing on me!  

Some closeups of the details

I certainly enjoy the process and think I will try again.

Have you tried abstract?  Do you have any tips you'd like to share?

Happy crafting

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