Sunday, 15 October 2017

Spray can stencils

So, new stash from the states means I need time to play!  
With this in mind I have been playing with my new stencils.

I thought I would try them on carboard and also watercolour paper.  
Both quite thick substrates so can take a lot of paint and water before  they buckle or start to dissolve.  I added some roughly applied gesso to the cardboard to help the colour 'take' and also flicked watered down gesso across the finished pieces and some water so they have a nice mottled finish.

As is often the way these pieces will probably be abandoned somewhere over the next couple of weeks for some unsuspecting passer by to chance upon.

Happy crafting

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  1. Hi Kyla, I've them, may have to buy that stencil, so many options to use it. Hugs, Shaz x


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