Monday, 30 October 2017

Autumnal leaves

 So, ridiculously busy at work at the moment (since mid June it has been hectic) which as you will have noticed means very little time to blog or craft.  

However this weekend was such lovely weather it meant my hubby and I went into town and actually managed to eat lunch sat outside in the park!  I know, in the UK at the end of October, we couldn't believe it. I really love all the seasons but Autumn is special with the assault on the senses of the contrast in temperatures, the noise of crisp leaves rustling and the smell of the still warm soil and the leaf mulch building up.

Anyway, as I sat there a large leaf fell in front of me so I took out my pen and did a quick 2 min sketch, not great but a quick doodle which I enjoyed.

Which I then decided to leave tucked into the bench we were sat.

No note, nothing-just a quick sketch then abandoned.

No idea if anyone found it or it blew away but I enjoyed the act of doing and leaving.

Happy crafting

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