Monday, 2 October 2017

Abandoned art

 I often leave small pieces I have created on my walks etc for others to find.
A few weeks ago I started to paint some left over cardboard I had and also some small canvasses and I don't think I have shared them with you yet.

For the canvass boards I used stencils and various 3D mediums from gels and pastes (again, using up old stash).  I added colour with sprays and paints, watering down some and flicking them across the canvasses and then adding some words with a posca pen (I love these pens as they seem to take on most surfaces).  I finished them with a light spray of a sealant just in case it rained when I abandoned them.

The cardboard was even easier I just drew direct onto the white acrylic again with a posca pen.  I drew a couple of my favourite Studio Ghibli charachers of Totorro and a soot sprite!
Once again I applied a light coat of sealant.

Some of these have already been abandoned, some I have yet to set free!


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  1. I'd love to come across some of your abandoned art! These are fabulous.


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