Friday, 5 August 2016

Painted pebbles

 Whilst I was at Sidmouth Folk festival I also picked some pebbles up and painted them insitu with Posca pens and coated them with clear nail varnish to protect them.

This lady bird pebble was left on a low ledge in the Childrens field

and at the base of this post on the seafront I left a pebble I painted with a Koi carp

Not very delicate but I painted it whilst sat in the cafe at lunchtime!

Just a couple more pieces I set free (I write the art abandonment FB details on the back of the rocks so if found and they wish to get in touch they can).

After all, it is always nice to find something for free isn't it?

Happy crafting



  1. I love your pebbles and I love that you left the ladybirds in the park. My little Bear is obsessed with bugs and ladybirds in particular so I can just imagine the joy on a little face when they found that!


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