Saturday, 16 July 2016

Watching resin dry

Hello peeps.  
I thought I would share one of my latest makes with you.

My Aunt Jackie is visiting from NZ and has always been a HUGE Disney fan.  Over the years she has owned a few Disney watches and the inevitable has happened and they have broken and been replaced (with another Disney watch of course).  

She kindly gave me the broken watches in case I could use the parts in my mixed media (which of course I can-a lovely idea, thanks Jackie).

As a way of saying 'thanks' I decided to set one of the Mickey Mouse figures (the arms are the clock hands) into resin and make a keyring for her.

I am still fairly new to playing with resin but I was pleased how this turned out and as I have given her the gift I can now share it on here!

I now have a couple of watches that I am going to try to take apart (searching the tool box for my glasses screwdriver as I am hoping it will be small enough to try and salvage as many lovely watch cogs as possible).

Happy crafting

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  1. what a great gift you received - and made in thanks! love the title of the post!!


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