Friday, 22 July 2016

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

 Thought I would update on our recent visit to the 248th Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

I have not included all the photos I have taken (as that would be a HUGE post) but thought I would share just a few of them.

 This looked like oils on an old metal tray and was titled "Roman 2" by Jock McFadyen RA.
I loved the depth and colour as I felt I was able to transport myself into the picture and could hear the traffic and smell the ozone.

This amazing piece was called "Migration" by Cathy de Monchaux and is made from copper wire, bandages, silk and pigment

 Whilst this was "Silver Hart" by David Mach RA and was made from steel and coat hangers!

Sadly I didn't make a note of these two, but I loved them both

 This was a bronze statue of Iggy Pop (full size) by Stephen Haines and in the back ground you can see the shipping container "The Bridge" by Jimmy Cauty (of the band The KLF) with spy holes whereby you can look in and see the 'scene' 

 He produced a HUGE version (an entire room) of this for the Banksy exhibition at Dismaland" in Weston Super Mare last year.

 Sadly I didn't make a note of who created these (though the artist on the right we have seen in previous exhibitions)

 As previous years there was an architecture room and this pencil sharpener caught my eye.

Finally in one room was a large Gilbert and George painting (once again I didn't get the details of who created the skeleton piece).

The exhibition is on until 21 August in London.  

Anyone can submit a piece for consideration and the BBC (usually BBC4) make a programme each year following the story from the point of view of an artist-such an eye opener.  

If you get the opportunity I recommend it, the work is varied and there are over 1000 pieces, some by very famous people, other by unknowns but one thing they have in common is that they all got the opportunity to grace the walls of one of the most famous galleries in the world.


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  1. thanks for sharing these, Kyla, there are some great pieces there!


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