Thursday, 31 December 2015

Sugar and spice and all things nice

 I thought I would share some of the presents I have made this year (now the coast is clear to share them!).
I made a few of these small lined zipper bags.  Some I stuffed with shop bought goodies others with vouchers.

 I also made several batches of Elderflower cordial this year and also sloe gin (the sloe gin I give as gifts has been maturing for a couple of years, I never give this years as I like the flavours to develop and mellow).  I also made another batch of spiced sugar (with bay leaves from the garden, cloves, cinnamon etc)

Hopefully people like the gifts, they usually ask if they can have some more so I am assuming they do!

Happy crafting



  1. Love that cherry fabric! I've got some on a white background but prefer that! And your elderflower cordial is lush...good with gun :-P
    Happy New Year!!
    LLJ xxxxx

  2. Great gifts Kyla, no surprised here that your recipients want more! I have a craft bun that Jan made me in the white version of that cherry fabric. Love it.

  3. Love that cherry fabric! Sloe gin would go down well anywhere, and homemade is so much nicer than shop bought. Dad used to make it. yum! Happy New Year to you.


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