Monday, 28 December 2015

Nac Mac Feegles, Birds and a Krampus

 We received many fabulous cards again this year, some handmade, some bought (charity or storebought) and some handmade by artists.

Here is a selection of just a few that really summed us up well!

A friend I have known since School (Sammie) bought me a Terry Pratchett card with the Nac Mac Feegle (both Sammie and I love Discworld and they have a shop in Dorset where Sammie lives)...Sammie also made me a shortbread christmas tree but lets be honest...that didn't last more than 48hrs after she gave it to me!!).

 Ju (another school friend) has recently returned from a trip to Japan and kindly brought back some Japanese spa products (one was a collagen mask in the shape of a face!!!! It was lovely to use but there are NO photos of that one!!) and this was the fabulous Christmas card. 
An original lino cut of Krampus from

 The final card to share is from my Mum.  She didn't paint it (though she is a very talented knitter) but she did buy it from an artist selling paintings and original works direct to the public in a park in Sidmouth, Devon.  Once a year artists sell direct to the public from around the bandstand and flower beds!

So just a few cards I thought I would share.  Each very different but each celebrating art in various forms.

Happy crafting



  1. love them! hope you had a good Christmas. xx

  2. And each is lovely in its own way, huh. The joy of art, something so communicable.


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