Saturday, 26 December 2015

Coven Crafty Christmas

 Merry Christmas to all my followers.  I hope you are all having a lovely Christmas and New Year.
I had a break from blogging for a month as the pay the bills job was taking up too much of my life and any crafting I did meant I couldn't blog as it was for Christmas presents!

One thing I can share though are some of the presents I got at the Coven party.  Each week for about 7 years we meet and craft and this years Christmas 'do' involved pressies and curry!  
It was our first Christmas without Bex who moved to France a few weeks ago (waves manically to Bex via our skype chats!!) and some of the presents were homemade fudge and peanut brittle (thanks Julie and Jane-none left to show!) and then.....

 These misfortune cookies from Anna!
 The fortune cookies inside were black too!!!

 This wooden spoon was from Chief Coven member, Jill.  Loving her pyrography work.
Then we were all stunned when Arlene (who makes miniatures) presented each of us with one of these......

Each one was modelled on us (Julies had red hair!) and Arlene got my hair colour spot on and even included my white shot I have had at the front of my hair since my early twenties!  She included a pair of scissors on the hat too-simply stunning.

I hope you have had some great gifts this year and I look forward to spending some time crafting over the holidays.

Happy crafting



  1. Love the cookie wrappers they so need to be available as stamps :)

    1. ooh now there is an idea...wonder if I could lino cut them?.....may have to give that a try :-)

  2. had to come and check out the misfortune cookies - fab idea!


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