Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Wednesday again, the day when a ton of us bare all and show our workdesks in all their glory.

On my desk this week are some more stamps.  At the weekend I drove down to Exeter to a Craft and Fabric show.  My friend Erika won a free ticket but was unable to go so she kindly offered it to me so I jumped at the chance of a day out.

There was some stunning embroideries and dyed goodies and I bought some more space dyed threads for my sewing.  I was also tempted by some stamps.  These (and more just out of shot) were all from the bargain bins-only £3 for all these!

I am slowly getting through mounting them all but I need to buy some more mounting foam.  I know you don't necessarily need it but I like the cushioning it provides as it makes it a little easier to stamp a crisp image.

The "Man Bites Dog" cards this week-'Crazy Beauty Stabs Judge Dead'.......I swear that I randomly picked these, most odd!

So, why not pop over to the lovely Julia's blog (link over on the right) and prepare for a legal snoop at desks across the globe.  Last week there appeared to be a lot of fellow WOYWWers who had been having sorting sessions and had lovely clean and tidy desks-I do hope the infection has not spread (lets be honest, it must be an infection, a bit like the flu, you ignore it and hope it goes away but the inevitable happens and at some point it hits and you too have to clean!!).  Fingers crossed I stay germ free.

Happy crafting



  1. Am impatiently waiting for Julia!! I hate mounting stamps (have also run out of foam) and also much prefer having the cushion for stamping. Interesting cards again!! Helen no # (but new stamps too, just not bargains!)

  2. I love the words that came out this week it really made me giggle, poor dead judge. I am with you on mounting the stamps it is far better but yes time consuming, Thanks for sharing your desk and Happy WOYWW

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 21

  3. How fun to get to a crafting show!! A bit jealous! Have fun with your new things and stay "germ free", lol! God bless!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #9

  4. Lovely set of stamps and what a bargain. I agree most stamps need a little bit of cushioning. A job worth doing.
    sandra de @13

  5. Very jealous of your visit to the craft show, non of that over here. Maybe the tip about cushioning for stamps could help me.
    Jan S no 55

  6. A day out at the show - fantastic fun!
    Take care.
    Margaret #7

  7. Oooh you found some good ones, what great stamps! That sticky foam is a pain, but so worth it, you're so right, it does make the images stamp better.

    #67 this week with the
    finished chair & a chalkboard

  8. Lol, don't come to my house then cos I've been a new broom and swished through my stash!! I gave a lot to a friend who's just got a new sewing machine but not much cash, so she got all the fabrics that I know I'll never use. Consequently my sewing room look slightly bare now but don't worry, I'll soon mess it up again!!
    Hugs, LLJ 26 xx

  9. Absolute bargain with those stamps. I am a very lazy foam mounter - I do prefer it but can't be bothered half the time. But then I am a rubbish stamper - that's probably why ;)

    Carmen x #53

  10. That's pretty good for £3.00! Why don't I ever find such good deals? I guess I was one of those with a neat desk last week, but it has become a necessity now for me to tidy up after each job, otherwise I feel flustered instead of creative sitting at my desk. Yours looks relatively tidy, actually! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa : InkyDinkyDoodlel #34

  11. I have some stamps I need to mount. It does make them easier to use. #56

  12. Great bargains just can't be passed with a shrug... I don't do foam mounting because I have a tacknpeel layer on a block. It works alright, but of course ties me to using a relatively large block even if the stamp is small.
    Happy WOYWW! Kristiina 27

  13. Great bargain with the stamps. I do like foam on my stamps but it seems to keep going up in price. Hope you have a good week, Angela x 33

  14. Hi Kyla - glad you had such a fab time and found some great bargains. Stay warm and germ-free. Hugs, Chris # 11


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