Saturday, 14 February 2015

London Street art

 This is a bit of a break from my usual craft posts as I have just returned from a holiday in London for my birthday.  Its a little photo heavy so why not grab a cuppa and have a read.

My hubby and I love all sorts of art and whilst we were there we saw exhibitions in the Institute of Contemporary Arts by Paul Simonon (from The Clash), The Information Age exhibition at the Science Museum, the reading room at the Welcome Institute and of course Brick lane, Spittifields and the Trueman brewery for the street art.

Here are just a few of the photos we took

 There is a lot of Nathan Bowen art around the city, I love his take on the city workers.

 Street art makes a dull wall so much brighter

 and some of them are large and complex

 I have noticed recently more homemade posters and stickers appearing too, I like this option as it represents something that is achievable (so long as you have the ideas)!

 Some however, are just pure art that just needs to be admired for their sheer talent.

 These butterflies and frog were in a water fountain outside a school

 Where we were staying was just up the road from the Cross Bones Graveyard.  We had been here a few years ago as part of the GhostBus tour (if you are ever in London overnight I thoroughly recommend the GhostBus as its hilarious and like nothing I have been on before) but this was the first time we had seen it in daylight.

 All these ribbons and handmade skulls, witches, hearts and corsages are tied to the fence to remember the ladies of the night who were buried here so they are never forgotten.



 Finally as we wandered around the city we came across these two installations.  One was 3 blue full sized men playing instruments hanging off a building and the other was this beautifully painted telephone exchange box, so much prettier than the usual black or green boxes that are dotted around our streets.

 Every time we visit London we find something new.  We also always do somethings every time we visit (Soho and Denmark Street for fabric and haberdasheries, music shops and vinyl) and of course Liberties (just to look and touch the fabric you understand!!  Oh and for hubby to say out loud...£250 for a are having a laugh!!!).

A brilliant birthday trip finished off trip to the Bath Thermae Spa (2 hours of thermal waters and just letting the stress fade away) and a meal at Acorn Vegetarian Restaurant complete with a sage and blackberry martini!! Delicious.

Normal service will be resumed soon


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  1. wow, Kyla, what a wonderful time you had - I love to explore London and really enjoyed this - more please!!


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