Saturday, 27 December 2014

Festive update

 Hello peeps, I do hope you all had a lovely time over the past week celebrating whatever it is you each celebrate.

I am busy uploading photos of the presents I have been making over the past couple of months that I haven't been able to share-but in the meantime I thought I would share a few other festive photos.

I made about 50 odd cards over the past month and don't really show them all as that would get really boring...but every year this is the one that raises a smile (I do like my googly eyes)

 In the weeks running up to the festive season I got this lovely parcel from Jan.  Isn't it wonderful?  I already have some bunting from Jan from a couple of years ago that I keep up all year round so this was pinned up along my staircase and the brooch adorns my winter coat.

We also popped back a couple of weeks ago to the small Wiltshire market town of Melksham (it was mentioned in the Doomsday book don't you know, I think that is its only claim to fame!!) where I grew up.

You may have seen it on the national news as B&Q (a HUGH DIY chainstore in the UK) used some of the house displays in their Christmas advert-WITHOUT PAYMENT.  Now this caused an outcry as the people decorate their houses for local charities.  

 The market square all decorated

 This is one of the houses that B&Q didn't pay to use in their adverts.

They were shamed into making a donation, but the national BBC news still says that they have not donated to each of the properties charities they used in their adverts.

They put on a wonderful display and raise thousands for local charities each year-fingers crossed B&Q are shamed enough to cough up!

 I hope you are all enjoying any time off you may have.

Happy crafting



  1. Haa Haa! Love that googly eyes card...may be pinching that one!
    Cough up B&Q!!!
    Hugs and Merry Christmas.

  2. Hope you had a good Christmas, Kyla! Glad you liked your PiF :-)
    Love the pics of the lights, come on B&Q, where's the moolah?


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