Sunday, 7 December 2014

365 Journal double whammy!

I am slightly behind with my 365 journal postings so I thought I would do a double posting!

This is Novembers page.  I used POSCA paint pens and glitter to give the feeling of vibrancy and fireworks

For Decembers page I used the traditional colour theme and stamped around the edges with some pine tree stamps that I carved from rubbers.

I added some green glitter for the month and a little gold tinsel on the trees along the bottom of the page (well it is Christmas after all!).

 If you would like to join the 365 challenge then feel free over at the very talented Kate Cranes

Happy Crafting



  1. I swear I've intended to visit sooner, but life and two very intensive months of daily postings has left little time for me to visit others, including WOYWW.

    I feel like such a fool. I had NO idea until today that you were in the calendar project, too. I've been a member for four years, but have never seen you post until today. I adore the trees you carved. Nicely done, I might add. This book I purchased, which lasts two years, is too small for many decorations. So, my calendar pages aren't creative in any way. I love what you have done, though.

    I have done flower pounding, but never considered pounding my flowers before steaming them. I seem to do better when the leaves are whole, although I've never used them in bunches before. But since this was an experimental batch, I tried all kinds of things I hadn't done before. Thanks for visiting, and leaving such a sweet comment. Now I promise to try to visit more often.

    1. No worries my dear, I look forward to seeing your dying experiments.
      Love the 365 challenge, December is the end of my 3rd year but I often to forget to post until after the end of the month when Kate has already closed the posting!

  2. Hi Kyla, thanks for popping in on me and NO! I didn't use a pattern for the bags. They are just cut according to fabric in stock and vary accordingly. A flat tote is always handy now since we are happily a "take your own bag society" to be ecological. I am always one to wing it!
    I love your pages and it's a shame you didn't take the pics before you wrote on the pages as it would print up to make a calendar gift.
    love Jo x

    1. Ooh....I had never thought of that (makes mental note for next month) :-)
      I tried making a tote but got confused! No idea how since I have been making posh handbags since LLJ showed me back in the summer!)


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