Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Morning all, how's you?  Enjoying the sun?
On my desk this week is my 365 Challenge journal pages that I am making for the month of May.  The past month has been an absolute pig....everything from root canals, my Rheumatoid Arthritis flaring, being stressed at work through to my dad dying....not a month I would like to repeat!

So, I thought I would do bright greens and yellows for May, nice and cheery

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week are "Swinging Judge Defends Secret Nude Teen!!"....lets not mention operation yewtree!!

Now, if you'd like a legal snoop at workdesks across the globe, then pop over to Julia's blog to see the list of desks (there are SO many......some clean (freakily so) some not so!!).

Happy crafting



  1. Your pages look great.

    So sorry to hear about your Father passing and you not being well. I've got RA too, so know how you feel.

    Hope things are better now for you.

    Candace #58

  2. Oh, Kyla what a month you've had... so sorry to hear your news. I hope work were supportive. The 365 journal looks bright and beautiful though. take care. Helen, 3

  3. sorry for your news.. hope thigs get better and the brightness from your journal shines through into your life..happy woyww jenx 90

  4. Aw sending you big hugs lovely, it sure has been a rotten month for you but I hope everything settles for you and your pain eases. Great page and colours. Take care Zo xx 77

  5. it has been a really bad month for you so I am send good wishes and positive thoughts that this is a better one. I am loving the colours you have used very spring like and the sun is out
    Happy WOYWW and enjoy the rest of the week, I hope you get some crafting time
    Ria #113

  6. So sorry to hear of your dad passing. Hopefully the months to follow will getbetter
    Bridget #9

  7. Sorry it's been a bad month! Your journal page and cards look great. Jules No57

  8. I'm starting to think that I really musn't keep missing WOYWW. I miss out on so much info. I am SO sorry to hear your Dad has passed away, sending you love and hugs and distant support. And for the root canals.

    On a lighter note - LOL at the cards this week. Funny how that came out, eh?

    Will we be seeing you at The Big Crop in June?

    1. Yes! I will be there again this year.....looking forward to hearing all about the wedding planning

    2. Yay!

      I'm kinda treating it like a second Hen do, really. I'll have to bring some cake or something....LOL


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