Sunday, 12 May 2013

Latest mixed media canvas

Afternoon in the UK we are back to cold, wet and windy!!  Mind you, the Bank Holiday was glorious, so we shouldn't complain too much!

I thought I would blog another canvas I have made.

This one is much paler and gentle and is one I made just a few days after my dad's death.  I have used many layers of acrylics in cream and whites with some touches of yellow and blush.  I added some texture with some paste and this time I added an inclusion (top right).
 I added 4 jigsaw pieces which I painted and added a little gold foiling to the edges and some charcoal to ground the pieces.

I added some stronger colours to the bottom of the piece with oil pastels

The inclusion was made by cutting through the canvas and adding a matchbox tray which I painted and then added texture paste to blend it in with some acrylic, oil and charcoal to bring the piece together.

 I hope you like it.
Happy Crafting


  1. I really like your art work, particularly the inclusion. I would never have thought of doing something like that. The whole piece is very serene and comforting. I lost my father last August and might try creating something along the same line as yours, because I remember him as a quiet, gentle man. Thank you for sharing. Sally (no blog)

    1. Thanks Sally, it was an experience painting it as I used one of his canvas'.


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