Wednesday, 15 May 2013


 Hello everyone...well its now wet, windy and cold again!!! The heating has gone back on, the fluffy socks dragged out of the closet and I am contemplating making stew for supper!!
But at least I don't have to water the garden or top up the pond at the moment!!

It's Wednesday again, so its time to join Queen Julia and the other WOYWWers to have a legal snoop at desks around the world.

Here is mine

Lots of bits and bobs strewn across my desk at the moment as I am trying to have a bit of a sort out (the idea was to bring some bits and bobs to the swap table at the WOYWW crop-but I ended up passing them to a friend so I need to have another look through my drawers!!).

On the left (hidden under my archival inkpad) is a bag with my WOYWW ATC.  If you'd like to receive one, please let me know (if your coming on the 1st then let me know if you'd like one and I will bring it in person-I'm not at all excited about the crop!!!  Can u tell?!).

At the back of the desk is a plastic box with some die cut letters (cut from a Dorset cereal box-the card is white on the inside of the box so perfect for inking later) and my new X Cut alphabet die.  Now, I had the TH Word Play die, and I loved it, especially as it would cut thicker materials....BUT..and its a big didn't work!  Several of the letters wouldn't cut.  I sent it back, complained on many occasions and it seems I am now the only one.  I got my money back (it was a LOT more expensive than the less than a tenner X cut one I now use).  Its such a shame, but the X Cut one does work a treat and so far I am really pleased (not bought any of their dies before).
My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week are "convict cop mourns crazy romantic angel"......plain odd this week!

In a bid to clear up the room of stash I thought I would actually make a card (I know, I cannot remember the last time I made a card, I don't seem to do much paper craft these days) from the bits and bobs in my scrap box I keep on my desk

It's weird, I can have these scraps in the box for literally years and suddenly inspiration strikes and before you know it there's a card!!  Why oh why doesn't it work like that more often!!

If you would like a legal snoop at desks then please come and join us here 
Happy crafting



  1. Wet and windy greetings from Dover!
    The card is lovely and you are so right about scraps and inspiration suddenly striking.
    Happy WOYWW. Pam#15

  2. Happy WOYWW. We have the same weather. My thermals are on and I have my heat pad almost permanently attached to me! Gorgeous card. I seem to only craft now when I have a particular occasion to make a card for, or a challenge/swap. I look forward to having time to just play. Ali x #28

  3. Oh I love that sentiment on your perfect is that? I know what you mean about inspiration striking out of nowhere.....if only we could bottle that :-)
    Heating, bedrocks, warming it October again, for heavens sake??????
    Hugs, LLJ 29 xx

  4. Warm and sunny greetings from Cape Town! Love how scraps can be so useful, isn't that why we hoard them for so long, cos one day we will need them! #23

  5. The card you made from your scraps is really nice
    Jackie 6

  6. How come my scraps just sit in a box.... love the card. I'll be at the crop, can't wait - but no idea what I'm taking to play with!! Helen, 16

  7. Hopefully it won't be too long b4 I can join in with the woyww crops.. just need to pass my driving test!!

    Lovely card btw, happy woyww
    Hugz Minxy #19

  8. All looks fun as always, mad cards this week! I'd love one of your ATC's so perhaps we can swap at the crop?! Take care Zo xx 75

    1. Yes Zoe that would be great

  9. Hi Kyla
    lots of things to poke around in on your desk today and I love the card can't believe what came out of your scraps, as you say we can have them for years and then Mr Mojo gets a hold of them
    Have a great WOYWW today and a fabby week
    Ria #21

  10. Very pretty card there Kyla!
    Please pick me for an ATC. I was thinking of bringing some to the Crop as it will save stamps and probably be quicker than Royal Mail!

    1. Yes it will be quicker!! :-)

  11. You tidied up? You crazy lady....

    I'm going to tentatively put my hand up and say I'm going to play on WOYWW 208 (eek, done it now) so yes please, I'll swap an ATC with you and I'll be there on the 1st so we can swap then. All for savinng a few pennies on postage, me!

    Glad you're not excited about the 1st - I'm not either.... ;-D See you then!

    1. oh, head above the parapet....glad your taking part I will bring one for you too.

  12. Cool & sunny greetings from Sweden :)
    I love what's going on on your desk! Nice card too...
    Cheers & happy woyww,
    Jana #30

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    1. Hi Kyla.. trying this post again hehe. I'll take some of that 'stew' weather. We went from a cold/ wet spring to a very hot (98 F) and humid with the swish of the cat's tail. My wrists are sticking to the laptop when I type LOL
      Lovely card. Creative Blessings! Kelly #124

  14. G'day Kyla
    thanks for dropping by my blog for WOYWW. As usual I am late getting around but here I am at last :o). I long for cold nights and eating stew...instead of high humidity and high temps 24/7 all year round!! Great job with the card. Love the canvas's and art work below the WOYWW posts too :o)
    Annette In Oz # 11


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