Saturday, 15 December 2012

When you need a card...ignore it!

Hello peeps, are you getting ready for Christmas?  It appears that people are going crazy again and spending like there is no tomorrow, every time I drive past the shops there are queues for the shops and car parks!  I am feeling a little smug as I have already finished my shopping and made nearly all the gifts that I need to  (only a couple of small ones left). 

Now, I admit that pride does come before a fall is cards!  Now, I know I make cards, heck I even sell them for charity.....but the Christmas cards I made I have mainly sold...which means I have NONE for sending to family and friends! 

Now, I am not a fan of working to a deadline, so instead of making cards I made a tag!  Cos I don't have enough of those do I?!

I have also been rusting some bells the past couple of weeks so I am hoping to use some of those this week of a couple of makes.

Right, I need to have a steam as I have picked up the dreaded lurgy and am all snotty and looking a little like rudolph at the moment!!

Happy Crafting


  1. Awesome tag! Hope the lurgy leaves well before Christmas.
    Hugs Nan G

  2. It will be wonderful on a card :)
    Have a wonderful Christmas and hope your feelng better soon
    Hugs Von ♥

  3. Great tag there Kyla. I too have done most of my shopping and have a few to make but hey ho, that is what midnight oil is for!
    Sorry to hear you are poorly. Hope you get rid of it before Christmas. I will be glad when these antibiotics are gone as I can then taste food again (instead of a nasty chemical taste) and have a drinkiepoos!


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