Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Music, Death and Londinium

Hello peeps...what's with the title then?

Well, it sums up my weekend.....and in a good way!

Me and my OH went to London for a long weekend.  The main reason was to see a proper rock and roll band called The Sonics play at The Garage.  They have been going for years and have influenced many of the more modern rockabilly bands on the scene....and they haven't lost it!  The venue were really cool too...I popped in earlier with my walking stick and explained my problems and they said they could arrange for a seat if needed (luckily I managed to grab one of the few so that was good), and they even held the ladies toilet door open as it was heavy....so sweet.

 Never one to miss an opportunity we decided to stay in London for 3 nights (woo hoo) and even though it is sort of Christmas season (still refusing to believe its only a few weeks away)
we kept away from the centre and all the mayhem that goes with it and instead headed over to Blade Rubber (fab stamp shop near the British Museum)....when I say we, obviously I mean me...dropped hubby off at a record and book shop to give me more browsing time!!!

We also went to the Wellcome Institue.  Now, if you have never been before and have an interest in medical matters I recommend this place.  I have never been before, but they had an exhibition on Death (long story short, my mum was a hospice sister and is now an end of life educator so I have been brought up with, I think, a healthy attitude to Death).  It was free and the institutete is 2 floors (and a decent cafe to boot) of the most amazing displays.  No photos of the main exhibit as photos weren't allowed).  But....

 This is a slice of a plasticised body that had been donated......they also have Genome project items and many more fascinating things....

Including these amazing bottle displays.
Whilst in London we did walk past this....

An ENTIRE store dedicated to M&M's......nope...didn't go in (China town was calling my name!), but I couldn't resist taking a photo!

We finished off the weekend with a trip to a Vintage fair and of course, Camden Market...all in all a great few days and I look forward to scrapping them (eventually!!).



  1. Sounds like a great time was had by all. Pleased you enjoyed your trip and it's good to get away from the main tourist places too.
    Jo x

  2. am nosing back through your blog because I want to find out what those cards are that you make sentences from every week! haven't found out yet :) but I just wanted to say that we also went to the Death expo at the Wellcome Institute, awesome wasn't it. I'm glad I didn't realise at the time that Blade Rubber was only round the corner! I can't resist BUYING stamps but I very rarely if ever actually USE them!


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