Saturday, 22 December 2012

Hearts and ear rings

Hello all, so are you ready for Dr Who day yet then!!

Its absolutely chucking it down here and the rivers are breaking their banks again, so fingers crossed that everyone is ok and the waters don't rise too much.

The up side is that when its raining this heavy, at least I don't feel I have been missing out on the celebrations by being poorly!

So, this is my latest make, its a lavender bag (with lavender from my garden) and a pair of ear rings, they are a stocking filler for my mum (I doubt she reads this so I should be ok).

I tried to tie in the colours so that it was co-ordinated and blues and browns are my mums colours.  

I hope you all have a wonderful festive season



  1. Really super way to present this lovely gift. Love the colours.
    Promise not to tell!
    Happy Christmas
    Love jo x

  2. Lucky Mum!!!! Have a great Christmas and hope you had a fantastic WOYWW too. Karen 109 x

  3. Lovely gifts there Kyla. I had ideas of making lavender bags with my lavender until I spotted the bag of lavender hanging on the back of the dining room door earlier. Hey Ho! Maybe I will just make them up for myself!
    Happy Christmas to you and your family. Hope to meet up in the New Year? Maybe BSSBS in March? Fancy it?


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