Wednesday, 18 July 2012


So, it is time for that familiar cry (no....not  'rain again!') of 'Wednesday?  Already?'

As there are many desks to get round (not that I make that many rounds.....but I know some of you are very dedicated in getting round) I will keep this short.

This is my desk:

On it are some bits and bobs (on the right some MDF pennants I plan on painting), a cloth dolls dress....I have plans for this space!

Also, a few months ago I bought a pack of cards in a charity shop....they are called 'Man Bites Dog' and its a game where you pick 3-5 random cards and make a sentence.  I thought they would make great ATC's etc so bought them.  As usual they have sat on my desk for the past couple of months so I thought over the next few weeks I would pick 3-5 random cards and make a sentence for WOYWWers....I am sure they wont make sense every week....but my first attempt is a good one!!

If you are not sure what WOYWW is, you can visit the Queen on desks, Julia here

Happy Crafting

Li'l Pidge x


  1. great looking desk looks very creative and busy! Hope you have a great week. Vickie #67

  2. Those cards look fantastic.... just think of the possibilities! Creative looking desk! Happy WOYWW! Victoria #87

  3. lots of fun stuff to play with, the mdf bunting looks fab :) I can see a lot of baby scrapbooking on my horizon hahahahaha xxx

  4. Nice busy desk there! Love the cards. Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl No. 58

  5. Lol - that's a fun game. I shall look out for it every week now!! Those MDF pennants look interesting, you'll have to show us what they end up like!
    Hugs, LLJ #70 xx

  6. have fun with your projects
    kay #65

  7. Lot os goodies here!
    Have a great day!

  8. The title alone is interesting, lol man bites dog HA! Have fun! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :) #50

  9. I love the idea of random words strung together to make silly sentences. I used to have a magnetic poetry set that was a like that, just a bunch of words so you could rearrange them as needed. They were fun. We had them in the break room at work. I changed locations and they don't have a break room here so I left them behind. My first thought was that the doll's dress was a rag but even then though it looked so much like a little dress, so I'm glad to hear it is one. Of course, even if it wasn't my eyes were seeing a dress!

  10. Lovely busy creative space with lots of really different stuff on it from usual! I love the idea of the word game cards - I wonder what you'll come up with!! The MDF bunting looks really fun too.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #3

  11. aha! I finally found the explanation for the man bites dog cards :D

    I've enjoyed nosing through your blog on the way....


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