Sunday, 1 July 2012

A bit of leather...

So, a couple of weeks ago I had some leather on my desk.  No, nothing dodgy going on, I was just going into melt down as to what I could make my dad for Fathers day!  After 41 years of having me as his daughter I have made him SO many different things I must admit to running out of ideas!

Dad doesnt really need much (apart from new legs and lungs....but I cannot help him there!) then I had a brain wave (I thought it was a headache then realised it was the grey matter churning over!!) have keys....a surprising amount of them if truth be told!!  

So I decided to make him a keyring.  Its a simple one, but hopefully says it all.

I stamped DAD in with some kisses and rubbed some acrylic paint in, wiping it off after and added a little leather polish to seal it.  I used my crop o dile to add an eyelet and added a ring and lobster clasp, that way he has a choice as to how to attach keys depending on how strong his fingers are (if they are like mine....not great!).

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

Happy Crafting 
 li'l Pidge x



  1. I bet he loves it, great gift and simple sentiments are often the best x

  2. What a fab idea, brainwave indeed. The sort of gift he'll use and smile at each time..brillo.
    Thanks for your comment on my 'car' card over at my blog. Delighted to say it's not background paper, it's inks and stamps..but the car is a die cut by Marianne Designs which I cut out of a map and coloured up a bit.

  3. simple, but what a neat idea :)
    Von ♥

  4. Ooh, your own backgrounds Julia....I will need to look closer on a big screen to suss it out (rather than my smart phone)

  5. I like the key chain, how did you cut the leather? #17

  6. Joynana, I cut them with TIM Holtz serrated edged scissors....they cut so many things (i have even cut the head off his China dolls with them!).


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