Sunday, 27 March 2011

Who says you loose an hour in bed?

Today the clocks went forward-the day you loose an hour sleep-not so in our nest! Stayed in bed an hour longer (hee hee I love trying to beat the system!!). After the last few days I am knackered. Fellow coven crafter, Jill and I went to the Birmingham NEC for 2 days of Stitching and Hobby craft...lots of talking, walking, gawping at lush fabric art, walking, shopping and some red wine! I have gotten into a bit of a habit when returning from a craft show-I dump all my stuff on the dining room table (its easier to take a photo for the blog-that's how I justify it!!) before sorting it all out, in a vain attempt to keep my teenie weenie craft room tidy(ish). AS you can see I finally got a die cutting machine (my birthday pressie from my hubby, even though it was over a month ago, I wanted to wait until any show offers and to actually try one out with leather and thicker products to check my arthritis in my hands didn't stop me from using it-and the fact its sat on my table tells you-YEP, it cut through all that stuff easily, and SO much cheaper than the vagabond-so more money to spend on dies etc!!!) I had a fab couple of days so now I am off to play.... Happy crafting Li'l Pidge x


  1. Went to the NEC too .....sorry i missed you, Hope you are giving that big shot some stick!! Looks like you had a fab time, can you do Alli Palli?? go on I can see theat arm up your back lol xx

  2. I dont think I can do Ali Pali-I am having TOO much fun finding out what I can't put through my big shot!!


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