Monday, 15 September 2008

Stray Cats, Edsels and a bit of crafting

What a busy week-Wednesday saw us getting the coach to London to see the Stray Cats play at Brixton Academy-what a show, great tunes and a fantastic stage presence-complete with Dave Edmunds getting up on stage for some songs and even Mick Jones (from The Clash)!

The weekend saw me go to my sister-in-law (to be-in a couple of weeks!) house for a Pampered Chef party, a bit like tupperware but cooking stuff-a good night out with the girls. Then, Saturday saw me at the Edsel Fury gig (out 2 nights in a row-I'm getting too old for this!) at The Junction in Bristol with Spooky (Japanese all girl punk band)-fantastic! They are a fab 50's garage band, if you get a chance to see them-I would recommend it (I must admit the bass player is my hubby though!)

This week saw me finally finishing off drying my shallots and pickling even more nasturtium seeds, not a very good crop as the weather has been appalling, the courgette plants only produced a couple usable fruits and the garlic STILL hasn't grown big enough to use! Boo-summer sucks!
On a brighter note (unlike the overcast skies) the postie brought me this months ATC's from the CB Forum, the theme was Garden/Seasons. The one on the left is from CindyBee and the one on the right from Cupcakedaft-aren't they lush.

Until I started on the CB Forum I had never made ATC's before-but now I am getting quite a collection, and they are a bit addictive! Whilst we were in London, my lovely hubby also bought me a little voodoo doll (well, it makes a change from Owls!) to hang from my bag-its a little devil with iridescent green wings and a poker!

I also had a chance to make another card that could be suitable for a bloke using my campervan stamp, some ric-rac and a couple of my ever faithful fabric flowers. Not been able to do much else as I havent had a good nights sleep (toothache is such a pain in the ****!)

I should be making a wedding card for my brother and sister in law (to be) but as I want it to be special I am spending a lot longer thinking and planning it-though I cant leave it too long-otherwise it'll be too late!
Anyway, off to eat some bread fresh out of the oven (well, breadmaker) and a glass of nature's painkiller (red wine of course!).
Happy Crafting
Li'l Pidge

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