Sunday, 21 September 2008

I thought the weekend was time off work!

OMG! This weekend was SO busy. It all started with a trip to The Range and a quick scout around their clearance craft shelves! I managed to bag myself a 12x12 scrap tote for £1.99 and a couple of HOTP packs (I must admit that I am a bit of a fan of theirs) for £3.47 each! Then off to the storage department-I am determined to sort the craft room out once and for all. Armed with a couple of drawer units (only £20) we headed back home to assemble them.
Saturday started with clearing out the room-that didn't take very long (as they say, the worse was yet to come-oh, a truer word had never been spoken). I dumped everything on the bed to try and make sure I stayed focussed if I wanted to sleep that night! I had no ideaI had amassed quite as much crafting stuff-there was now no way I could hide this from my OH-shoes and handbags you can stash in the bottom of the wardbrobe-this however, was literally taking over the house!

Bless him, my OH carried with the chores freeing me up to crack on, it took until 9pm that night when I thought I should stop and have something to eat (he had gone out to his brothers stag night, so I was free to make a mess!), the bed was just about managable to drag the duvet out with the stuff on top of and dump in the craft room (a trick I learnt in my teens when my mother would dump all my junk on my bed in the hope (mum, it would never work!) I would clean, I would just drag the duvet on the floor and sleep under my bathrobe! Then it took the rest of Sunday to finish sorting it all out, but now, its lovely! I have a clean and ordered craft room, the trick is going to be to keep it like that!

Happy Crafting

Li'l Pidge


  1. wow been a busy girl this weekend Paula

  2. Very tidy, can you come round and do mine now please?


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