Thursday, 4 September 2008

At last a sunny Saturday

Hurrah, last Saturday was sunny-I couldn't believe my eyes-so just to make sure we headed down to the beach. It was true, the sun was out! So, picnic, papers and sun lotion were dragged down to the seafront and we enjoyed a lovely afternoon, dipping our toes in the water (brrr still cold though) and watching holiday makers run into the sea to cool off and then scream and run out again (usually accompanied by the unmistakable sound of "aargg, cold, so cold......").

Thought I would take a shot of my crocs (I love my jibbitz in them), I also took lots of photo's with my new lovely lomo-but still go about 10 shots left before I can freak out the local film developer (if case you didnt know my lomo action sampler takes 4 smaller shots within one photo-so you get 4 pictures on one sheet all with slightly differing timings!!). It's a bit hit and miss but that's the fun of Lomo. I can hardly wait until I can get them developed.

I thought I would have a go at altering a blank slide holder (this is it in its naked state!). I tried using Gesso (not something I have ever used before-all this altering of stuff is new to me) then Tim Holtz distressed pads (so loving these) and then alcohol inks. I built the layers up and sanded them back a bit, adding paperartsy stamps with stayz on ink and then an alcohol ink stained key hole surround that I got in a clear out of bits and bobs from my dad a few months back. I then used glossy accents on a long thin stamped image and built up the layers until it had the look and feel of glass, edging it with a gold pen-and voila! No idea what I am going to do with it, I need to start thinking about making things for friends as I am starting to fill up the house! Not sure what they will think of them, but I must admit I like it when someone makes somthing especially for you, so I am hoping they do too!

I hope you like them, they are my first attemps. But as Kate Bush said "please be kind to my mistakes".
Happy crafting
Lil Pidge

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