Saturday, 6 September 2008

So, I got my bubbles out, made some cards and still got the ironing done!

Boy have I been busy. I took Friday off work and after doing my chores (deep cleaning bathroom, washing, ironing the usual!) I managed to get a couple hours crafting in-hurrah! This is my first attempt at making my own backing paper. Remember when you were a rug rat? Well, I decided to get out my food colouring (I have NO idea why i have blue food colouring in my pantry!) add some washing-up liquid, grabbed a straw and started blowing bubbles! I'm pretty pleased with the result. I then cut out a photocopy of a fairy and created a tranfer image by painting the back of the image with a cotton bud soaked in cellulose thinner (make sure you do this outside, cos boy, does this stuff stink!) and hey presto-a transfered image! How cool is that? This is a new technique to me, so I am going to enjoy experimenting-though we need a dry day to let me have a really good run at it-I hope you like the effect also. I also managed to make a few more of the stick up notes that I am hoping to make for charity. I thought they would make good R.A.K's-so look out ladies on the CB forum-one could be winging its way to you! I am really enjoying making these as they are a little bigger than an ATC so I have a bit more space to try out new techniques (as you can see I made a couple of blue bubble notes as well!)I also managed to get a few cards made, mainly male ones (why, oh why are men so difficult to make for) using the tartan and pocket papers with Making Cards magazine that I get on subscription-a great mag, you get 1o free quality papers (not magazine paper, but proper papercrafting quality paper) and it includes 2 vellums (and no, I don't work for them-mind you, if they have a job going....)!

I also had a go at making some Autumn inspired cards-and messed up my measuring, so ended up with 2 small thin cards (I had to make the envelopes myself-not easy as I cannot draw a straight line and my measurements aren't up to much-but I quite like them, and think they would even make cute bookmarks-so I may have another crack at making some more!

I also finished my ATC for this months swap on the CB forum-I have only included a sneaky peak just in case the ladies stop by (hello ladies!). I am looking forward to seeing this months swap-so may great ideas and it is lovely to see other people's work.

Anyway, it sounds like to rain has finally stopped (we have had bad flooding this weekend in the West) and King Kong is on the TV (love the film, we saw it in New Zealand actually at the cinema they had the premier at the week before-how cool is that!) so am going to settle down with a nice glass of red (nah, lets face it, probably 3) and watch Jack Black tear up and Skull Island camera in hand whilst a bloody great ape follows him!

Happy Crafting

Li'l Pidge

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  1. Love your cards Kyla and the note holders are great too.
    Well done making your own backing paper and have fun with your experimenting. I hope the weather improves for yoi


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