Saturday, 23 June 2018

A new technique

 As some of you may know I belong to Bristol Urban Sketchers.
A couple of meet ups ago I was chatting to a very talented young lady who was using oil pastels and tissue paper to create a sort of print impression.

I was so impressed I remembered that I have some oil pastels and tissue paper at home so thought I would have a go.

First I coloured the tissue paper with oil pastel

then I used a biro to sketch my design onto the tissue paper

then you lift the paper to reveal the picture.  
I really like this effect and its something I think I will experiment more with.



  1. Sometimes it’s the simple techniques that make the most awesome marks... nice sketch,.,

  2. Thats an excellent technique! This is what I love about artists/crafters- always willing to share freely. Hugs Shaz X


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