Saturday, 30 June 2018

Malta Art abandonment

This was a Free Art Friday and Art Abandonment tag I sketched whilst having a drink in a new local bar (LVB, great new place) in Valletta, Malta recently.

Only had one of my black ink pens with me during the evening and a blank tag but it seemed a perfect opportunity to have a doodle whilst having a drink.

I left it on the table (there is a brief explanation about it on the back of the tag, explaining they can take it, leave it or pass it on or even register a find on the facebook group) for someone to find.

Just in case your interested the drink was a fabulous non alcoholic mocktail that LVB make, a plum and rosemary "lemonade"-delicious.

This was another tag I sketched, in another bar (Gugar, a fabulous vegan/alternative late night bar where they play a great selection of music off the internet, including when we were there a mate from the UK's band!!).

When we went back a couple days later we spotted it had been pegged to the wall along with other art people have sketched whilst there (its that sort of place-LOVE it there).



  1. Hi Kyla, it's a lovely thing to do and can really make peoples day when they find a little piece of art. We have a group here in Lincoln called Lincoln Ninjas who leave little pieces of art around the city for people to find. They can be found on Facebook. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx


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