Wednesday, 3 January 2018


Happy New Year everyone and the first WOYWW of 2018.

No desk from me as it is covered in left over scraps, cards and wrapping all ready for upcycling for some cards for next Christmas!  This year I forgot I made about 20 cards from upcycled cards so when I opened the box of Christmas decs and found them it was a lovely surprise and also a relief as it took some of the strain off me-so I thought I would do it again and plan on making another 20 during January.

So instead of showing my desk I thought I would show just a few of the lovely cards I got:

top left is from Lunch Lady Jan, a woodcut printed card by Allen William Seaby, I adore this image so it is going to be added to my craft room wall.  

Below that is the lovely die cut Merry Christmas card from Shaz Silverwolf, so detailed and I love the poinsettia.

At the bottom (blue) is from Kelly Henkins (WOYWW and I also received a 8th anniversary ATC earlier this year)

Top right is a stamped and hand coloured image from fellow crafting coven member Julie (I believe her talented daughter Cat coloured it).

Bottom right is a drawn design my brother's father-in-law (Alan) designed and had printed

This is my favourite though-from my 2 year old niece, Emily.  Her footprint as Rudolph!

Some lovely handmade/inspirational cards, a huge thanks for them



  1. Certainly some lovely cards but I can understand you liking the Rudolph footprint best of all. What a cute idea.
    Happy New Year, Neet 2 xx

  2. that Rudolph footprint card is adorable!! what a fantastic idea. Happy New Year Helen #3

  3. Love the Rudolph card and a lovely memory to keep, perhaps she could do one every year showing how her feet grow! Anickoana#7

  4. Happy WOYWW. Some great cards there. I have safely put away my Christmas stash box - and hoping it will not come out until late summer at least. I am now all about thinking of spring cards! Ali x #9

  5. Happy New Year!
    You got some lovely cards and that Rudolph is a good one!:-)

  6. Happy New Year Kyla. Those cards are so lovely. I just adore that Rudolph!!!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #1

  7. How cute is that footprint! Oh I love that sort of thing! I think a find of 20 or so cards I. The Christmas box is a brilliant one, just the boost you need at an even more exhausting than normal time of year. Go you.

  8. Hi Kyla, glad you liked it! That Rudolph card is really inspired, looks great.Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #5 XxX

  9. Lovely cards, adore the rudolph :) Happy New year!
    Soojay 23

  10. Oh I remember doing something similar to Rudolph when my boys were at Pre-school! It's such a simple but effective idea, love it! I sent those woodblock cards to people who I knew would appreciate them so I'm glad you liked it - there was a bullfinch one too which was just as lovely.
    Hope 2018 is kind to you!
    Hugs LLJ 8 xxx

  11. Lovely cards - especially Rudolph! Sounds like you are well on your way to having all your CCards done for 2018 already! Have a wonderful 2018! Lindart #28

  12. We were on the same wave length today. I showed my handmade cards from my craft friends, too. You got some beautiful ones! Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year! #34

  13. Hi Kyla. You certainly received some beautiful cards. I had a similar Rudolf card from my 20 month old granddaughter that the nursery had printed. Brilliant idea! Have a lovely week Heather #11

  14. beautiful cards and Emilie's foot makes a handsome Reindeer! Happy New year! Laurie #32

  15. Great selection of cards, but I agree... Rudolph is the best!
    Have a good week
    Christine #29

  16. Wow they are such lovely cards! Good plan for making 20 in January.
    Ellie #24

  17. Happy new year. You received some lovely cards. What a good idea to get some ready early for next Christmas - I'm always last minute I'm afraid!
    Bernice #35

  18. Hi Kyla, pretty cards. Here to wish you a great woyww and a very Happy and creative New Year, Angela x15x

  19. The reindeer from your niece is my favorite, too. :-) Don't you just love happy surprises. Great idea to make Christmas cards for next year early this year.
    April #19

  20. Happy New Year Kyla, the cards are great, but the Rudolph footprint is definitely the cutest! Have a great week. Sarah #6


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