Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Work got in the way the past couple of weeks and the garden had to take precedence of any spare time but I did manage to get a quick hour in the craft room so I have something to show you for 'What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday'.
I am trying to use up old supplies so I have used up the last of my golden lightweight texture paste through some stencils on 3 canvas boards.  I keep these and don't use them-probably the worse thing for craft/art supplies since they are made to be used!

I have sprayed them with a mixture of dylusions and distress ink adding water and moving the boards to create pools of colour.
No idea what else to do with them (or what I am going to do with them-probably an art abandonment/free art Friday) but I am sure that given time inspiration will strike!
My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week-'Judge Revealed Fake Drugs'
Apologies if you visited my desk previously and I didn't get a chance to return visit, I do try to visit each one but sometimes the pay the bills job and life gets in the way.
Happy crafting


  1. great backgrounds! I am sure you'll find something fitting to use them on. Great cards this week again. Helen #1

  2. Love the backgrounds. I'm sure you will find a use for them. You may get some visitors looking for me as I though I was #8 on the list until I refreshed Julia's blog page and it turns out I am #9 Happy WOYWW Sarah (#9)

  3. Super desk and well done on finishing that tub of paste too, always gratifying to get the last little drop out!

    Happy WOYWW


  4. Morning Kyla. Great backgrounds. Sure you will find something really exciting to do next.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  5. It's good to get the last squeeze-worth out of a craft item - the backgrounds were well worth it. They're perfect for the abandonment art that you do so well!
    Hugs, LLJ 13 xxx

  6. Hi Kyla, love the canvases. I'm just as bad, I have a whole load bought from The Works, and another batch I've put colour on, but not got any further with. Like you, waiting for inspiration to strike! Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #4 XxXx

  7. Love the backgrounds - the earthy-yet-springtime colours are beautiful :)
    Life always gets in the way of my crafting - and WOYWW for me. I need 24 hours in a day, plus about an extra 4 craft-hours added to that just for 'me time' lol
    Have a wonderful Wednesday :)

  8. I like those backgrounds, particularly the tree trunks. Enjoy the rest of your week.

    Fiona #29

  9. Lovely backgrounds. I understand the need to use up those old supplies, sounds familiar Lol! Have a great woyww and a happy crafty week, Angela xXx20

  10. Lovely backgrounds, I do that sometimes without any idea what to do with them, but sometimes, weeks later, I think I can use that doing this.
    Do share when you decide what to use them for.
    Chris #10

  11. great backgrounds. I am a sale shopper and end up buying things cause they are so much Michaels 70% off sale on card packs and end up with a lot of stuff I will eventually use but still taking up space now. Bought a bunch of budget pack canvases last week. Oh well they will get used. Have a happy holiday and I great week. Vickie #38

  12. Hi Kyla, at this time of the year the garden is bound to take precedence - the weeds are growing faster than they can be dealt with! Your backgrounds are looking good. I'm sure inspiration will hit you and you'll produce something fabulous with them. Have a great week, at work and in the garden. Elizabeth x #23


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