Sunday, 23 April 2017

World Earth Day

Saturday was World Earth Day and also March for Science. 

Events were planned all across the globe as a response to the recent events over the pond for non evidence based political decisions being made regarding subjects such as global warming, medical advancements, technology etc

So we decided to join the one in Bristol. There were speakers including Chris Packham, 
Dr Simon Singh, Anna Starkey, Prof. Bruce Hood and Dr Suzi Gage.  Millenium square was PACKED, there must have been at least 1000 people there, all ages and all walks of life-all united for one reason.

There was a competition for the best placard (I quite like the couple below) and we all marched round the city shouting "what do we do we want it...fact based!"

It was fantastic and hubby was pleased to be able to meet Chris Packam (on the right!) especially as his speech included references to two of my husbands favourite punk bands (The Clash and Penetration).  It was a fantastic day out and great to take part in something that joined people across the globe.


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