Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Dinky Screens

So the past couple of weeks I have been struggling with RA flares and now I have a chest infection and generally feel rubbish.  This means that I am not doing much, which is a pain as it means I have been missing some gigs etc.  

However at the weekend I thought I would get out my Dinky Screens (a local company) and had a go at screen printing. I have not been paid or anything else by this company.  I came across them at a craft show and because they were from Bristol (my home town) decided to stop and chat and was SO impressed with the product I decided to buy a kit and I was so please I did.

I haven't tried screen printing for a couple of years and their dinky kit is SO easy to use.  It contains everything you need from a sturdy mini frame, squeegy, a selection of paints, instructions and 4 stencils-all contained in a lovely tin.  Nice, compact and easy to use.

I had a lovely couple of hours-and really like the results.  Sadly I cannot show you as they are for Christmas presents, but take it from me I will be using this company again.

If you are interested their etsy shop  (they have lots of different stencils) can be found here

Happy crafting

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  1. these look very interesting! hope your RA flares subside again soon. Helen


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