Wednesday, 28 October 2015


 Happy What's on your Workdesk Wednesday where across the globe many of us (led by Julia, there is a link on the right) bare all and share our desks of shame.

This week is almost the same as last weeks as I have been busy being social instead of crafting.  On my desk are the left over supplies from making a few tags for the crop and a recent purchase.
 I don't often buy a magazine just for the cover freebie but this months Simply Craft and Papercraft has an embossing folder and these stamps, which I think are varied enough for me to get quite a lot of use out of them (I try not to purchase more stash unless I can think of 3 uses for it).

 In case you were wondering what I made last week for my friend who is moving to France-well we put together an emergency kit (chocolate, candles, matches, bin bags etc...the sort of things you have no idea where you packed them).

I also bought a small tool box and converted it to an emergency stash box....

 filled with chocolate!!!  I have taped a sheet of acetate over the top so Bex will have to cut the chocolates out!!

 This is the card I made from a recent die I bought (I thought I could use all the different layers for so many ideas, hence I bought it).

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week are 'Scam Nurse Stabs Lawyer'!!!

Happy crafting



  1. love the emergency tin and the card is gorgeous! See you Saturday- my tags are rubbish and I've only got 2...

  2. Love the "Emergency Supplies" tin. I'm with you on the 3 uses thing. I always have to think of them, before buying anything new. See you on Saturday :-)

  3. OOH that tin is fab, you have given me an idea for a Christmas pressie! I bought that magazine and the embossing plate is lovely. I have made 2 cards and will share them with you next week. Have fun with your new stash!
    Lynda B 4

  4. Love your filosophy of not buying supplies unless you have 3 uses for it. That emergency box is so clever.

  5. That looks like a great gift to me Lol! A girl would not want to run out of chocie supplies. I must try to remember your philosophy of not buying new stuff......... no forgotten already Lol! Have a great week and happy woyww, Angela x 14

  6. Hi Kyla, just me again. I thought I was a follower but apparently not!
    Well I am now, Angela x

  7. That magazine was defo worth buying for those goodies! Love the Emergency Supplies and the card is awesome too! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #22

  8. LOVE that emergency box - just perfect for when the energy is flagging! Great freebie off that magazine too. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 13 xx

  9. That emergency box made me smile! You are right, the most essential things (including the kettle) are usually buried in the last box (as they are the last things being packed). Of course chocolate is an essential. I would probably add a bottle of something strong to my list of essentials during a move....
    Great card too. Your friend will be so pleased she won't want to go!
    Have a good week,

  10. Fun post...great gift idea. Magazines have gotten so costly, I need to use your antics when I think I need it. And mostly it is the COVER that inspires you. Have a fun week.

  11. Hi Kyla!
    I left a message on your blog but I am not sure it was relevant! Love that emergency box! And I also like your new die! I think it would be good for a lot of projects! See you at the crop!
    Lots of hugs,

  12. I love the new stash you got! And the box of chocolates you made is great fun!

    Greetings, Sofie #44


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