Friday, 23 October 2015

A new baby blanket

 Something a little different today. 
 5 years ago my brother was living in Ecuador and skyped me to say he had met the love of his life!  He was living up a volcano working for a charity that ran schools for local children where he met Zoe.  I was expecting a local girl....but she also lived in London, only a few miles from my brother!!  Such a small world.

They are now married and back in London and have just had a baby girl, Emily Sisa Rose.

Now, my crafting is not really child friendly (I will have to wait until she is older so she can get messy with her Auntie Kyla) but my mum is a talented knitter and I wanted to share what she made them.

This is a knitted blanket.  The hearts are embossed and debossed on each and every square

 The colour is not a very good rendition as it is not this blue it is more a pale green/blue

I wish I could knit like this, but every time I knit my tension squares differ and there are more holes than a string vest.

Happy crafting


  1. What a beautiful blanket! I enlarged the photo and it was quite clear. Beautifully done!
    And I enjoyed the story about your son on the volcano in Equador! Congratulations on the new baby!
    Have a good week,

  2. Hi Kyla!

    I hear you will bring your quilt to the crop - I was thinking of bringing mine too as there are tables there where I could spread it - I have no room at home - we will have a look at both and see what we can do!


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