Wednesday, 16 September 2015


 Hello peeps, I had a couple of weeks off blogging and crafting as the pay the bills job and my RA got the better of me, but I am back!!

So What's on my Workdesk Wednesday?

This summer I have become addicted to mini twister ice lollies (can you tell?!).  On weight watchers they are only 1pp so represent a great sugar hit for so few calories (must be working as I am more than 2 stone lighter over the past 10 months) but this means the wooden sticks collection has gotten out of hand and needed a storage solution!  These sticks are perfect for glue spreading and applying glazes etc.

 So I grabbed an empty glass (left over from a candle) and my gaffa and washi tape and in less than 2 minutes some pretty storage.

As for my "Man Bites Dog" cards this week....'Nude Tourist Attacks Nurse'.....not too keen on that headline and certainly wouldn't want to see the photofit for THAT on crime stoppers!!!

Happy crafting


  1. good to see you again - and your lolly stick jar is pretty! I use coffee stirrers but they're not really sturdy enough. Have a fair few of those too, always grab a couple extra, lol! Helen 5

  2. I always pick up a few coffee stirrers for Julia when I remember! Very useful things :-)
    Hey, well done you on the weight loss, that's brilliant!
    Hugs, LLJ 13 xx

  3. Great idea to repurpose the wooden sticks and fab little container. Isn't washi tape a dream.
    sandra de @26

  4. How like you, I'd have grabbed the glass and not given a second thought to decorwting it! And good for you, two stone is a lot off a little frame like yours, blimey! And all that on the odd lolly...can't be bad!

  5. Well done on the weight loss and lolly stick collection - clever that!! x Jo

  6. Lovely to see you. I was wondering how you were as I noted your absence. I knew you'd keep those sticks. I too have lollies on my SW plan. They make a great treat without being too bad points/syn wise. Well done you on the weight loss. I've been rubbish and slipped off plan a bit but still lighter than I have been for ages. Take care Zo xx 36

  7. Hi Kyla, don't you just hate those pesky "pay the bills" jobs? Why can't we just craft full time, all the time? Great storage solution for those sticks and congrats on your weight loss! Have a crafty day! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #38

  8. Ah, Man Bites Dog - we have fun with that one. Pretty storage for your growing collection of lolly sticks :)

  9. Love the cards, sounds like a fun game.
    I collect those sticks from my children all summer. I have also been thinking of how to store them so I can see them and they don't end up "out of sight and out of mind". I might just copy you!
    -Lizzie #54

  10. A beautiful way to keep those pesky sticks. I use them pretty often too!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Michelle #56 WOYWW


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