Sunday, 13 September 2015

Bristo Wool Festival Street Art bonanza

 This weekend I went to Bristol Wool Fair at Washpool Farm in Easter Compton.

What I hadn't realised was that it had previously held a VW festival so there was some great street art, a double bonus.

 The detail of this one is amazing, it looks like lace has been used as a stencil.

 Great to see Dave the Agent here (the one on the right is minion Bane and I was lucky enough to get a Free Art Friday version of this, full details can be found here)

 Love Family Guy

 and American Dad

 Just to prove it was a wool festival here are some alpaca's!

 and a couple of displays

and finally my Mum knitting on GIANT needles!!

A great day out and a really good venue.

Happy crafting


  1. what fun!! I love the one of your Mum with those giant needles!

  2. Haa Haa! Great pics specially the last one!!


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