Sunday, 16 August 2015

Free Art Friday Find

Many of you will not have been able to miss the fact that I like street art (a massive previous posting on here about Upfest in Bristol) is one clue.  I have also on posted on Facebook many times about various street art pieces I spy on my travels, including taking part in Free Art Friday in Swindon (but never brave enough to take part in the Bristol one!).

Free Art Friday is all over the globe basically people make free art and leave it out around towns for people to find!  How cool is that?

Well, last weekend I was lucky enough to find my first ever piece!  I liked it on Facebook and thought nothing more of it, until I happened to walk past the street on a walk around town and there is was!!

I couldn't believe my luck that is was still there!

So thank you "DaveTheAgent" for creating it.  It is currently on the wall in my craft room, which ironically has blue walls so fits in perfectly!


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  1. What fun, Kyla! I didn't know you could take the street art home with you. How cool is that. Loved looking at the street art on your earlier post, too. Have you seen those amazing 3D ones that look as if you could fall down a hole in the pavement?

    Thank you for your lovely comment, and I'm glad you like the background I made for Shaz. I love thinking outside the box and thought the stoma gauge was a good mixed circles stencil lol! I know Shaz will appreciate this because she's a fellow ostomate!



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