Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Hurrah, hump day...or as it's known round these parts What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday day!

After a couple of weeks leave (see my previous post for all the gossip and photos) it is all back to normal and I am still panic making Christmas presents for my NZ family so they can be taken over in a couple of weeks when a family member is visiting them (and save me very high postage costs-it cost me over £30 last year in postage!!)

On the desk is a small handbag sized scrapbook/tagbook for someone (hence its mostly hidden) that I am in the process of making.

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week are apt 'Brave Exec Defends General Strikes'...apt because many NHS and civil servants are on strike next week over erosion of conditions and the fact that after several years pay freeze only some staff will get 1% pay rise (some will get none) next year...even though MP's awarded themselves 10%

Right, political rant over, happy crafting!



  1. Very apt indeed - the injustice of the NHS pay offer as opposed to the MPs is just ridiculous. Grrrrrrrrrr
    Your plan of making Christmas presents is so far ahead of mine, it's not true. The 'get on with it' switch is missing from my life at the moment! So I'm glad someone's keeping the side up :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 23 xx

  2. Not any different in my country either!! Politicians always find money for themselves!!! Good luck on your present crafting!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #21

  3. Totally agree with you Kyla, a straight wage swap between politicians and medical staff is whats needed! Being on the receiving end of NHS care, I know they are worth a thousand times more than they are getting. Glad you are getting your pressies done, the postage over there is horrendous, I know. My brother emigrated to Aus 5 years ago. Have a great week, Hugs. Shaz #38 xxx

    1. Absolutely ditto this, Shaz! What a crazy upside down world we do live in, to be sure.


  4. Here Here!! About time the MPs took a freeze or even cut! They get paid extortionately AND get expenses for actually travelling to their work! Grrrr!
    Good work on getting pressies done early.
    xx 43 (yes I am joining in!)

  5. I know postage costs are astronomical in the UK, not just international but domestic as well! I remember a few years ago you could send a small packet for less than a pound. Same packet now costs £2.80 or even more if it doesn't fit the dimensions. Crazy! Have great week! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #50

  6. Library staff getting a bum deal as well, though as we've been outsourced now we may never get a rise - not much profit to be made in libraries!! Postage IS horrendous - although sometimes when I think of what has to happen to get things from A to B I am absolutely amazed anyone provides the service. It's pretty amazing when you think about it, especially internationally. Yes you did see some Octopode stamps - Lily was retiring a load of rubber and had some grab bag deals. I didn't realise how big some of them were as I usually get digis from her but it's a good selection. Time to play! Happy WOYWW, Cindy x

  7. Ooh intriguing hope you take pics of the album to share when you can. I'm album making too but mine's for Australia!! I have to pay for mine though. Our NZ relatives are visiting UK this Christmas so can't wait to see them. My cousin's wife I haven't seen for 18 years so she's not even met Keagan. Exciting times. Take care Zo xx 52

  8. I am lucky in that I don't have to post anything abroad for Christmas, so hope you get the pressies sorted before the carriers leave!! Off to check out your previous post now. Glad you liked the poppies! Helen 5

  9. It's good to have an incentive, like a deadline, but it can be stressful too. Good for you that you are getting stuck in!
    I hadn't heard of that game and had to look it up. It certainly was apt for today then. It's not fair that the politicians get such a pay rise!
    Thank you for letting me peep over your shoulder.
    Have a good week,
    a hug and God bless,

  10. Glad you can send the pressies without spending a fortune. I know what you mean, I was seething when I read about this earlier in the week. Never mind, at least we can focus on nice things like crafting and WOYWW. Have a good week, hugs, Chris # 16

  11. Hi Kyla.... you are a tease, but it is that time of year.
    Ha Ha to the man bites dog cards and yah boo and sucks to MPs they should be ashamed of themselves...... hey they shouldn't even be allowed to arrange their own pay should they?
    janet #12

  12. I just don't know how the MPs can justify giving themselves such a payrise, I remeber a comment they made, "We are all in it together" what a joke!
    Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 41

  13. It seems everyone has the same problem with politicians they think our tax money is their personal stash to spend all crazy like and we should cover all their expenses when they make so much. I don't get an allowance at work why should they, but seeing they make up the rules on how much they get paid they seem to just ignore the rest of us. hugs Nikki 8

  14. Very appropriate cards, Kyla. I am totally cynical and demoralised about politicians these days - they live in their ivory towers and have absolutely no idea what it means to be an ordinary person, and especially not a disabled person not as fortunate as myself, who absolutely depends on benefits to survive. Don't get me going!!!!! The NHS staff are the unsung heroes, and I can't speak highly enough of our local ones who have cared so wonderfully for all our family over the past several years.



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