Sunday, 19 October 2014

Frugal crafting 'Lusty' style

A different sort of crafting this week.  Our bedroom was decorated a couple of weeks ago and under all the throws was this ottoman (its been covered in throws at the end of our bed for 11 years-I forgot it was pink and gold, the original colours)!!

Now, there is no way this was going to go with my green and grey room with yellow accents (odd colour combo but it does work...nice and relaxing) but it has usefully stored our bedding for years and as a Lloyd Loom it is really well made.

There was no choice but to decorate it.  I bought nothing new and only used fabric and paint I had handing around.  I stripped the pink covering fabric off and a couple bowlfuls of pink sandy looking stuff fell out everywhere!!  

It took a few moments for me to realise that this must have been the original foam in the lid and as 'Lusty' Lloyd Loom (what a great name!) is from the 1940's and it had turned to dust! 

 So I had to sweep it all out, have several sneezing fits before I could start painting.  So brush in hand and left over white satin paint I set about painting it-a word to the wise, I had NO idea what a nause this would be!! Seriously it took FOREVER to paint it.  If I knew just HOW much of a pain it was I would have bought spray paint, whilst it would have cost money it would have saved me a day's labour and the neighbours may not have had to put up with my language as I tried to paint it in the front garden!


Finally it was painted and I needed to create a level of protection on the lid.  I didn't want to spend any money so my mum (thanks mum) suggest an old towel-but we had one better an old blanket of my husbands which was past its best so we cut it up and stapled a couple of layers to the lid of the ottoman.

I finished it off with some leftover fabric I had (I seem to have a LOT of spare fabric!!) and some upholstery tacks voila: 

A nice new, not dusty but totally serviceable and free ottoman.

Frugal crafting at its best!

Happy crafting


  1. Ace! Loving the colours in your bedroom Kyla, and you've done an epic job of giving the Ottoman a new lease of life. Hugs, Shaz xxx

  2. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog. I've missed you and I have meant on several occasions to stop by. But real life and a nearly dead computer have stood in the way. I even think about you every time I stamp, then use the cleaner. I feel bad that I have not reciprocated, either.

    I've had foam like that turn to dust, too. It is a MESS when that happens, but at least you had it outside when you took it apart. And of course, I applaud you for your frugality and recycling efforts. I always feel good when I read something like that. And look at the beauty you now have that goes perfectly with your new room! Very impressive.

    1. No reciprocation (not sure that's a word, but you know what I mean!) necessary my dear, always nice to be able to pass on items people cannot get easily :-)


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