Monday, 11 August 2014

Free art

 So, the other weekend I decided to join in Free Art Friday. There are various ones all over the world, where on a Friday free pieces of art are left out in the wild for anyone to find and keep!  It is a great idea and we have had it in Bristol for a while but I have never been brave enough to take part.

Swindon was having a Free Art Friday grand opening with a Smoke and Mirrors art exhibition at Jack Rabbit with some amazing pieces of art on display.  At the last minute (as in 10 pm the night before) I decided to make some small pieces from a tikki head I drew and carved a stamp from.  I added this to some embossing paste through sequin waste and some paper cloth that I stitched adding some acrylic ink dribbled across the pictures.

 I had no idea that Swindon had any street art but there was a few amazing pieces (I must admit we are lucky in Bristol as the home on Bansky and so many amazing art installations).

 SO many pieces of art were left out for people to find (I think there was about 100!!).  We weren't lucky enough but I met someone who found one of mine!

One of the people freeing the art was the amazing artist and my virtual friend on FB and blogger Sarah who was really busy bombing around the town setting lots of art free but I was able to meet up with briefly.  Its always great meeting a virtual friend in real life and it was Sarah's encouragement that led me to make a few pieces myself (though I need to make them a bit bigger if I do it again as they were ATC size so got a little lost and not as easy to spot).

So if your area does a Free Art Friday why not join them?  The Swindon one had SO many different art forms from painted skateboards, records, graffiti art, teabag roses, stencils and even photos a real mix which was great to see and for me made it seem more achievable to join in.  If your area doesn't have one, why not start one?

Happy crafting


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  1. This sounds like a whole lorra fun Kyla. Well done you.


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