Friday, 8 August 2014

Congratulations mail art

 Hi peeps, sorry not been around much lately as been off to London and then Devon...its all go.  London was great we got to go to the Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition, the Dennis Hopper Photography exhibit, Comics Unmasked at the British Library and 3 other exhibitions at Somerset House..SO much art it was great.

Then onto Sidmouth folk festival for a bit of R&R so I have lots to blog over the next week but not the time as hit the ground running upon my return to work (why does that ALWAYS seem to happen?!).

One thing I was waiting to blog (but wanted to wait to ensure it got received it time) was my latest mail art.  My penfriend from school days (we met through amateur radio magazine penfriends!!) has just gotten engaged.  He lives in America and we were lucky enough to meet when he came to stay about 25 years ago when we were in our late teens.  He is an absolutely lovely guy and I am so pleased he has obviously met his soul mate so I wanted to celebrate by making them a piece of art (they are both cat lovers hence the cat!).

Congratulations to Josh and Caitlin.

Happy crafting

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