Saturday, 9 August 2014

A fabulous tag book from Felix the crafty cat

 Hello, I just had to blog about what the postie brought me, no not bills (well there were, but they don't count) but this rather marvellous creation.

As part of a blogaversy Angela over at Felix the crafty cat was doing a giveaway of one of her tag books...and I won!!

 Look at how lovely it is....I think the basis is made with cardboard tubes (kitchen roll or loo roll inners maybe?) and tons of lovely stamping and embellishments.

 Even a vellum page for some added texture

 I think this is my favourite saying

It's lovely isn't it?  I have been toying over the past two or three years with buying a wire bind it all machine and this may have just tipped me over the edge!!

Thanks Angela, its lovely.  



  1. Seems like we've both been off the grid lately. But you had a much better excuse than I, since you got to holiday in London. Lucky you. And lucky you winning that beautiful book, too. You are right, it's a real beauty, and so is that tag you like so well.

    My friend Kathy has one of those Bind-it-All machines. She also has one that uses circular plastic links to hold the book together. I suggest the BIA if you get one, because we used both of these and I like the looks of the BIA better. But beware. The BIA links are expensive.

    Thanks for visiting. I really, really appreciate it. I promise, I haven't fallen in a hole, just been super incredibly busy trying to make something I have NO idea how it will turn out, especially since after I started putting it together, I noticed I had misread the directions. So, I now have a bunch of rework to perform. Have a happy Sunday.

    1. ah, at least you read the instruction!!! :-)

  2. This is lovely Kyla. I bought that stamp a while ago as I like it so much.
    I have a BIA and absolutely love it. You know I make a fair few books and the BIA is a brilliant way of binding them. I have one that Elizabeth mentions with the plastic links...don't go there! too much faff for me.
    Here is a link that will show you how easy it is.

    1. Ooh, cheers Sam will have a look x

  3. Hi Kyla, so pleased you like the journal, I love making things that make people happy.
    The Bind-It-All is easy to use and although the links can be expensive if you shop around you can get them a bit cheaper. You generally don't need much off the length and could place them in two or three positions rather than along the whole book if it's particularly big. Once you get used to it it's very easy to use, very quick, portable and I love it. Happy crafting, Angela x

  4. P.S. the way you photographed it is stunning, thank you, Angela x


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