Saturday, 12 July 2014

Shopping in style

A few weeks ago (possibly more) I had this bag (uncoloured) on one of my WOYWW posts.

I finally finished it!  Ta da!

It wasn't difficult.  I bought this large heavy canvas shopping bag with the architect centre design in black outline on the front for only £1.50 in our local independent market.  I thought I would brighten it up a bit.  I considered stitching, but remembered I had some fabric pastels that I hadn't used much since they were given to me as a gift a couple of years ago, so thought this would be the perfect opportunity.

Sometimes, when you are having a bad day I find that whatever I try to make looks awful...its like my bad mood transfers into the finished article, not good.  So, having a small area to colour in bright fabric pastels seemed like a fool proof way of crafting on the odd occasion when the mojo takes a break!

I set it with an iron and now have a natty and stylish shopping bag.  All ready for my next outing.

Happy crafting



  1. Thats come out really well Kyla. I have to agree with mood showing through. I've noticed when I get asked to make a card( often for a particular person at work, who tells me exactly what she wants on it!), They never come out as well as I would ideally like, because I've hated every minute of making the blasted thing!
    Hugs, Shaz xx

  2. This is great Kyla and perfect for when you are shopping in Wales (hint hint!).
    I agree with your and Shaz' comments about making to order.

    1. Sam....lets do this, a day in Cardiff?


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