Monday, 14 July 2014

'Sew' few cards

  It suddenly dawned on me that I have not made any cards recently (picture the scene, I go to my card drawer and its almost bare....then I have the realisation that I may need to buy one!!!  Now, I don't know about you, but when I stand in somewhere like WH Smiths and find a nice card then find out it is £4.99.....nearly a fiver!!!  I look at it and realise I can make it SO much cheaper and I put it back (usually with a vocalised hurrumph) and trudge home hell bent on not letting my card stash get so low again!).

I decided to "theme" my cards either by colour or subject.  I am hoping that I can make a few cards with the same colour or subject and they will all look different but it means that I will be able to use the same tools, papers etc rather than rummaging through a ton of stash and only using a small amount and then having to spend longer putting it all away than I took to make the card!  So I set myself the challenge of "Sewing".

This card is made using some homemade "cloth paper" that I had in my snippets box for AGES and the TH dress form die (I really do love this die, its so deep I can cut leather, cork etc, simply marvellous).

 Its a nice clean card.  Unlike the next one when I decided to throw everything at it and see what happens!

This one is much more vintage in feeling.  The small fabric padded patch is actually a small scrap of fabric from my friends scrap bin!!  It was too cute to throw away so I edged it on to some quilt batting and zig zagged about it.  I added a homemade thread holder and stuck on a button and voila ...another card!

Now I need to face the music and make some male themed cards!!  Oh dear, I fear that will not be as easy!

Happy crafting


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