Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Who'd have thought there would be so many skulls in Malta!

 I am back from my trip to Malta, the post is a little photo heavy so grab a coffee and pull up a chair! 

My parents met and lived in Malta about 45 years ago so after the death of my father I accompanied my mum on a return visit.

Now, I have never been before.  All I knew was that it was going to be hot and with very little greenery....2 things that as a nature lover don't rub particularly well with me.

How wrong could I be!  Yes it was hot, and yes there was very little foliage...however, the architecture was simply stunning and I would return for this alone. 

The capital city is Valletta.  They are doing a serious amount of building work (including the city gates...which one local said to us that for the gates looked like garage doors so it was good they were making them more intricate!).

The new buildings appear to be merging well into the old.  The guide books say that the buildings are old and tatty, however I like to think of them as timeworn and interesting.

 Many of the streets are narrow and steep with lots of steps and cobbles.

 There were plenty of opportunities for photos of texture.

 Though I did get a few odd looks when taking them!

This fellow decided to join us for lunch one day.
 Malta is a very Catholic country and there are many beautiful churches, however, St John's co Cathedral in Valletta is worth a visit.  The floor is made up of 400 marble tomb stones from the Knights of St. John and for a holy place there are a LOT of skulls and cross bones!

 The entrance stone is amazing and has the grim reaper on it with the saying "Trample on me today and I will trample on you tomorrow"....needless to say I walked around!

Whilst others took photos of the beautiful oil artworks etc......I turned my attention to the floor and small details on the larger pieces.

 Throughout the few days I was there I noticed more and more skulls 

I also have a love of insects.....and yet again I got strange looks as I hunted this beauty down and waited, and waited even longer, for the shot!!

 Whilst my Mum was showing me her old stomping grounds I was able to coincide this with a visit to the St Paul's Catacombs.  Now, considering we were there in less than perfect circumstances some may feel a trip to the catacombs may not have been the most psychologically sounds.....but it was the most amazing place and covers more than 200 square meters!

 Back above ground and in search of interesting structure we came across these MASSIVE wooden doors! I know I am short but I felt like a gnome!

For those that don't know, Kyla is short for Michaela.  I have spent my entire life spelling it and repeating it when asked my name.....but in Malta I came across others with the same name...and even a boat!

 These are the fishing boats that used to also act as a water taxi when mum was last here. They are so beautifully painted.

 Whilst there were so many old shops and signs I thought I would take some more photos with the idea of making some Tim Holtz inspired backing papers but with MY images! Here a just a few I took:


As you can see, against all the odds I fell in love with Malta.  If you love architecture and the unusual then I recommend a trip.

Right I have the downside of returning from a holiday...a mountain of washing and ironing...and lets be honest I have plenty to distract me...but it really won't do itself so I suppose I'd best show willing and at least make a start at it!

Happy crafting


  1. Good luck with the after holiday come down - it's a shame there isn't a post holiday fairy to get it all done for you.. Your photos are fabulous, I think it looks a gorgeous place and am glad you and your Mum had a good time.

  2. Wow what lush pics. I love architecture so maybe I should go! Not sure I'd cope with the heat though. I look forward to seeing your creations! Take care Zo xx

  3. great photos. I think I like the rusty key hole best.... I often take pictures like that too and also get strange looks. I wanted to go to malta this year bit my handyman has other ideas... maybe next year

  4. Love your wonderful tour of the wonders of Malta. I've always wanted to go there and now I know I must!
    Jo x

  5. Oh what a glorious blog post, Kyla. Thank you for showing us all your pictures. I hope you and your Mum found it therapeutic to go back to Malta. Wouldn't you just love to turn some of those pics into rubber stamps (or is that just me ....),

    Lucy x

  6. Wow great pics. And your right the skulls are right up my street. Looksike an awesome trip. I love the texture pics. My sort of photos x


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