Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Another WOYWW and a great excuse to have a nose around people's crafting spaces (its a bit like spotting your neighbours house is up for sale and going on the estate agents website to have a nose at the photos!! Or is that just me?!)

Something a bit different for me this week, I am making a couple of coasters for a friends wedding.  She loves bee's (don't we all?  Hmmm.....honey, Meade etc) so I decided to make her coasters with a bee in the middle on some vintage text with some distressing (of course), stamping and a little bit of smeared stickles in the corners to add a light touch of sparkle.

To ensure they can withstand a hot cuppa I apply 4 layers of yacht varnish-it takes AGES to dry but the coaster I made for work has been abused for more than a year and is holding up fine so I know it works.

On the left are my new stamps from Snazzy Stamps and Scrapbooking, they are Ecogreen stamps or different wings made form recycled rubber.  The rubber is green instead of red but at the demo I saw they abused them like I do my red rubber stamps (ironing fibres etc over them) so I am looking forward to playing with them.

So, please pop over to Julia's blog (there is a link on the right) and have a nose around.

Happy crafting

Li'l Pidge


  1. Nice idea for the coasters..aren't you patient!! Are you close enough to Snazzy stamps to visit or do you mail order? If you live close enough, it means we aren't far apart wither. We should meet there!

  2. Ingenous! Love the idea for the coasters. Great desk!

  3. Love the coasters...what a special gift.
    A x

  4. Love those coasters thanks for the tip re yacht glue!
    Hugs Happy Wednesday Judex :)15

  5. Looks like a fun space, great idea for the coasters. Thanks for sharing

  6. ah you have reminded me of the time (in your youthful lack of forethought or wisdom of experience) Niall and i used yacht varnish to protect the bathroom wooden floor boards (beautiful) only to realise we couldn't get to the loo for four days..

    we only have one loo,

    the compost heap got well watered that week...


  7. Love the coasters, the bees and your colours... Great stamp sheets too!
    Thanks for sharing, enjoy the desk hopping!

    Sarah at 2

  8. The coasters are AWESOME!! Looks like a very CREATive desk.. T hanks for sharing.

  9. nice looking desk. Love the coasters. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #44

  10. A lovely idea for a special gift - thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi Kyla, the coasters are a great idea - love bees too. Yacht varnish - I remember how long it takes to dry as I once did a whole staircase with several coats of the stuff after stripping years of paint and abuse off with nitromors paint stripper - what a job! But so worth it for the beautiful result. The new stamps look interesting. Hope your week has been a good one. Elizabeth x #72

  12. Thanks for all your lovely comments (Julia-YES, meeting there would be great). I am glad I am not the only one who has experienced the AMAZING slow drying time of yacht varnish!


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