Saturday, 23 July 2011

So there I am, enjoying a day off....BT trying to fix the internet that hasn't worked properly for 3 days (yep, 3 I ever managed to survive...!) and me crafting, cutting and embossing away on my big shot (who I have now named Colin, Colin the cutting machine!) handle fell off and the itsy bitsy screw pinged behind the cupboard!  Bugger!  So I had to take all the drawers off the cupboard (do I really have THAT many stamps......boy they're heavy..) and there was the offending article.  Easily attached back on and started putting the stamp drawers back on top!!!!  But this time it wasn't Colin, no, it was my back!!  Aaargggg.......I yelled like a dog having its knackers cut off, dropped the drawer and fell to the floor.......crap, my back is the one part of me that isn't falling apart!  So, having had advice from my Mum (thanks mum-I knew having family in the medical profession would come in useful...and not just growing up with yucky bed sore pictures from the BMJ on the coffee table whilst she was studying!!) and then the doctor (and LOTS of pain killers) I decided that a little light crafting was called for (not the sewing I had intended to do) but I kept having to get up and move about a bit 'cos of the pain so decided to finally take some photos of some finished projects...

This is the cover of the scrapbook I made of my 40th Birthday celebrations (party, weekend away at SPA, meal and then my fab PaperArtsy weekend with the Duke of Distress).

This is the close-up of the cover, I made the flower using the tattered floral die and added some foiling randomly on the edges

 This is one of the double pages, of my PaperArtsy weekend away with Tim Holtz.  It was great making it a few months later (my Birthday was in Feb) as it brought all the memories back of all the lovely times I had.

In an attempt to try and boost my Vit D I decided to take my book outside and read for a bit and when the sun came out it hit the clematis that has flowered for the first time.  Its growing from a pot up some lattice work on the balcony, it's so pretty I just had to share it with you guys.

Anyway, time for another very slow stretch to stop my back seizing up, then back to making some cards.

I hope your all having a great weekend

Happy crafting
Li'l Pidge x

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