Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Arrgggg.....just as I thought 2010 was over, the crappy year with illness, then broken loo and Boxing Day boiler breakdown...2011 comes along! First day back to work, straight into 3 meetings (I mean, 3, seriously....when are you meant to actually get any work done?) then on the way home, sat stationary at red traffic lights when some idiots decides to drive into the back of me! Luckily we were both ok, not sure about the car as its pitch black outside, but took their details (whilst quietly snarling under my breath) and called to report it to the police and will wait and see what the insurers, came straight home and decided to craft!

So, WOYWW, well as you can see, there are a couple UFOs (UnFinished Objects) on my desk. The first is my Keri Smith Wreck This Journal book I am working through, the page on show is where you collect stamps from your mail, I luckily got a card from my friend Rachel in the states with a lovely stamp, so thought I would add it to my book.

On the right is my scrap box. This is where I dump all those scraps that are too good to chuck, and sometimes some odd flowers etc that I cant be bothered to put away in their proper home, then I set myself a challenge to make something using only stuff from the scrap box!

The sad thing is (please tell me I am not the only one who does this) I have started putting a few 'choice' pieces in the box, cheating I know, but hey, I'm only cheating myself and I still get something made!

and this is the card I made from those 'scraps'!!!!
Rant over!!

Happy Crafting
Li'l pidge x


  1. Sorry to hear about your run of bad luck. I often get stamps I like but give them to charity, think I might save some and do a scrap page, thanks for the idea.
    Linbyx #109

  2. I do have a 'thing' for UFO's...sure I've seen one! Yes well, I do have loads of Unfinished stuff, must try and get it all done! I DO collect the stamps off all my mail, sometimes use them again if they haven't been stamped! (Shhhh! don't tell!) Lovely tidy desk...I wish I was tidy!!
    Happy WOYWW!

  3. Gorgeous card and those scraps do come in handy I can't throw bits a way. Hope your car gets fixed and the dramas stop.
    Sandra #66

  4. Yikes, sorry to hear about the bad end and the bad start to the years, hope things get better. Great card and so true too!

    Brenda 83

  5. I have loads of UFO's but most do get finished in the end for the right person at the right time. I must start your idea of a scrap box, trying not to cheat, but it does not really matter as long as you get a good card out of it. I had not thought of using postage stamps - another good idea - thank you.

  6. I think everybody I know has some UFO's lurking somewhere. Your desk is very tidy compared to mine. The scrapbox is invaluable when I create, I have found some real gems there.
    Tertia 122

  7. Gosh, your due for a break sometime soon - so much bad luck can't last forever :) Love the 'wreck' and the sentiment on your card and if that is what cheating with what you put in your bit box of bits results in then I think you should just carry on. Here's to your UFOs! Elizabeth #76

  8. I can only say that I hope the rest of 2011 brings you good things and that you can put all of that behind you. A scrap box is a good idea and has a way of focusing the mind, I always think! Nice creation!!
    Sue xx 50

  9. Thanks ladies, some lovely messages, and great to see many of us have UFO's!

  10. Super cute card! Love all those UFO's, first indoor sightings I am

    Thanks for the peek and sharing. Hugs, Marjo #23

  11. Love the witty card!! Hearing alot about The Wreck the Journal. Thinking about trying one. Thanks for the peek at your desk. Sorry about your car, hope it all turns out well.

  12. Wow, your new year is starting out rather eventful. I hope the rest of the year is better. And that card made from scraps tells me you have better scraps than I have (grin). Really nice. happy belated WOYWW from number 16.

  13. thanks ladies. Serendipity Stamping-I recommend the Wreck the Journal, it really pushes you artistically (and I cant draw to save my life, but it I loved the finger and foot painting pages!!)


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