Sunday, 5 October 2008

Knit one, pearl one...

Oops, forgot to mention that at the Craft Fare I found a stand that was willing to teach people to knit for free. Well, I am one for a challenge, and after many years of both my mother and grandmother unsuccessfully trying to teach this left handed clumsy fool to knit I thought I would give it another go! After about 30 mins I had managed to cast on, knit, pearl and do some ribbing and cast off! They very kindly gave me the big ball of green wool and some stumpy learner needles that I was using, complete with some instructions on how to make a scarf from the ball of wool-so that is what I am doing, making a scarf, though it is looking more like a green dishcloth. I started with 40 stitches and have somehow ended up with 45! Well, I am learning, but when I am finished I will post a photo of my make (but no laughing-or at least, not where I can hear it!!).

This reminded me of my recent trip to the Bristol Organic Festival where we saw the worlds biggest knitting! Just look at the size of it!

Inspired by the craft fare I spent all day today in my tidy craft room, with my new sewing machine! Now, for those that know me well, this will come of a bit of a surprise. Actually, that's an understatement-I have been known as the "sewing machine killer"! I borrowed my mothers, broke it, then my mother-in-law's, broke that also! But, the £25 bargain in Tesco's proved too much for me....I thought this would be perfect for crafting, adding a bit of stitching to my cards and scrap layouts...instead I decided its first make will be an apron (a bit more complicated than a couple of inches up and down on a card!). As all crafters will know, any clothes you wear when crafting tend to get covered in glitter, glue, flocking and embossing powders-nude crafting is not an option, my craft room is at pavement level! So, I bought some black material with red skull and crossbones over it and "ran up" an apron. I am SO proud, my needlework is pants, but this actually looks OK, and the finish isn't too shabby either, what d'you reckon?

Now I have protection(!) I thought I'd better crack on, its my bother-in-laws wedding next week, and I have so much to do. I managed to alter my headpiece, adding some green sequins to match me dress and my satin bag looked a bit boring, so I painted an earring with green glass paint and used this to embellish the bag.

I also managed to make their wedding pressie wrapping and card, but I'll post that later.

Off to watch Harry Potter on TV with a large glass of white wine (just to ring the changes!).

ooh, shame on me, almost forgot, Happy Anniversary to my wonderful hubby (yesterday), we had a lovely day and a fantastic meal at La Barrique in Bristol. Thanks hun, I love you x (especially after you bought me all this craft stash!)

Happy Crafting

Li'l Pidge

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  1. Well done on your first ever sewing machine project. Your aprons fantastic, there will be o stopping you know :) Looking forward to seeing what else you make :)

    Rachel :)


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